——Hello Tumblr followers! So I have seen these done before, but have never actually done one! But I mean….I have some 600+ Followers, and I wanted to show you all that you do indeed matter to me very much, so I am going to make this very quick, and to the point! 
                                 Rules of this giveaway.
1. The obvious one—you must follow me! It is a FOLLOWER giveaway, honestly if you enter and don’t even follow me, than that is just rude! Don’t unfollow me directly after this competition either, that is even more rude!2. Reblogs, and Likes both count—but only if you like and then reblog. Anotherwords a simple like won’t do, you must reblog as well as like.3. The more times you reblog, the better your chances of winning!
Now for the entire reason you are even reading this....THE PRIZES!
First Prize (2 winners):
 One Drabble of your choice—either light and fluffy, or Dark and Twisted your choice as well—assuming I know the pairing you request! Ten Gifs of your choice. 1 AU plot I will come up with just for you. 1 Starter of your choice. Follow Forever Guarantee. 1 Favor.
2nd Place (4 people):
 Ten Gifs of your choice. 1 Starter of  your choice. Follow Forever Guarantee.
3rd Place (6 people):
 1 starter of your choice. Follow Forever Guarantee.


Pregnancy || OPEN


Anna breathed as she looked down at the test in her hand and seen the little pink lines, she let out a soft breath. Anna had been with her partner for over 3 years, she smiled seeing them and felt tears start to roll down her cheek then heard someone walk to the door. Anna looked up at her partner “Um… I’m pregnant” she said and smiled lightly looking at him. Anna laughed lightly feeling more tears roll down her cheek “Are you happy?” she asked as she looked at him


——Langdon hadn’t wanted to fall in love. He had, it was a mistake, it was always a mistake when a spirit fell in love with a human. He had tried to tell her that he was no good for her, that he shouldn’t become attached, but he was unable to say no. He had fallen in love with her, and then became attached. One month had turned into another, and months quickly turned to years. He couldn’t watch another person he loved die, while he was stuck here. It had happened with his first love. He couldn’t take it happening again. He stood mouth agape as she said she was pregnant. “No….”

 { Oh god….it’s happening again. }

——Langdon burst into tears, backing himself against the wall, and covered his face with his hands, sinking to the ground.



"You’re just…so nice to me when people aren’t."

—-Langdon appeared beside her, and smiled, “I will always be nice to you.” He said softly, and pressed a kiss to her forehead.